Committees Of The Polytechnic

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Committees Of The Polytechnic

Appointment and Promotion Committee

Senior Staff

The Committee shall handle all matters related to appointment, promotion, transfer and confirmation of Senior staff. The Rector shall be the Chairperson of this committee. Other members shall include the Directors of Schools and one representative of the senior staff.

Junior Staff

This Committee shall consist of a Chairperson and four other members and shall handle all matters related to appointment, confirmation, promotion and transfer of staff in the junior cadre. The Board on the recommendation of the Rector shall appoint the Committee.

*Note: All appointments and promotions shall be presented to the Governing Board for ratification.

Finance and General Purpose Committee

Finance and General Purpose Committee shall be responsible for the formulating of policies, regulating and advising on income and expenditure of the Calvary Polytechnic with regards to capital development, annual budget, conditions of service, etc.

The Rector, Bursar and three other members of the Academic community shall constitute membership of the committee while the Proprietor shall serve as the Chairperson of the finance committee.

Disciplinary Committee

All cases of indiscipline/misconduct shall be examined by this committee and shall make appropriate recommendations to the Board for necessary disciplinary measures. Recommendations of this committee shall spell out appropriate/adequate punishment(s) for every offence.

The Rector, as Chairperson of the disciplinary committee shall appoint four other senior staff of proven integrity as members one of whom shall be the Chief Security officer of the Polytechnic.

Tenders Committee (Board)

The Chairman of Board shall appoint the Chairman of the Tenders Committee. Other members shall include the Rector, Bursar, Registrar, two members of the Academic Board and four other Board members.

The functions of this committee shall be the consideration of tenders submitted by contractors wishing to execute major projects in the polytechnic.

The terms of reference of the tenders committee shall include:

Consider and recommend to Board on projects, particularly the siting of buildings in line with the provisions of the Master plan as well as prioritization of projects.

Deliberate on and recommend to Board all matters connected with invitation to and acceptance of tenders from contractors in respect of buildings and supply of goods and services.

Advice the Board on all other matters relating to the development of the Institution’s site as Board may refer to the committee.