Organisational Structure

Organisational Structure

The Governing Council of Calvary Polytechnic

Calvary Polytechnic have a Governing Council which is made up of respectable members of the society as appointed by the Proprietor. They carry out the overall superintendence of the general administration and affairs of the Polytechnic. The making of policies and control of property and finances of the Calvary Polytechnic.

Membership of the Council

Membership of the Council include the following persons or officers:

  • The Chairman, who is the Proprietor of the Institution or an appointee of the Proprietor.
  • The Rector of the Polytechnic
  • Two representatives of the Academic Board of the Polytechnic elected by the Board.
  • Representatives of areas of special interest as determined by the Proprietor.
  • A representative of the Federal Ministry of Education
  • A representative of the National Board for Technical Education
  • A representative of the professional bodies
  • A representative of the professional bodies
  • One member of the society with interest in the development of Technical Education.
  • The Registrar (non member) is the secretary to the Board.


Academic Board

The Academic Board shall be the highest authority on academic matters.

The following members shall constitute this Board:

  • The Rector – Chairman
  • Deputy Rector – Vice Chairman
  • Deans of School – Members
  • Head of Academic Departments – Members
  • The Polytechnic Librarian – Member
  • The Registrar – Secretary
Functions of the Academic Board

The functions of the Academic Board shall be to:

  • Formulate and establish academic policies for the polytechnic.
  • Review academic policies and regulations in line with industrial / economic demands of the Nation.
  • Direct and regulate all matters associated with instruction, training, research, admissions and graduation.
  • Advice on any academic matter as may be referred to it by the Governing Board.
  • Regularly evaluate academic polices, programmes and facilities of the polytechnic, compare with the minimum requirements as laid down by NBTE and forward the findings to the Governing Board for necessary action
Works and Services Department

The Director of Physical Planning/Works shall head the Works and Services department. Functions of the department shall include the development, maintenance and control of the polytechnic’s estates and infrastructures and the provision of other essential services.

It shall have the following service units:

  • General Maintenance
  • Motor Transport
  • Physical Planning
  • Utilities
The Library Department

The main resource centre for teaching, learning and research functions of the polytechnic shall be the Library. The Chief Librarian shall be the Head of the Library. The Library shall perform its functions through the following units:

  • Acquisition
  • Audio Visual
  • Bindery/Reprographics
  • Cataloguing
  • Serialization
  • Virtual library/Computer Centre
Medical Services Department

The Medical Services Department shall be responsible for providing Curative, Preventive and Primary Health Care Services to members of Calvary Polytechnic community. The Medical Director shall be the head of the Medical Services Department. The Department shall consist of the following units:

  • Out Patients
  • Admission
  • Maternity
  • Pharmacy